Have you ever asked yourself while sitting in church, “I wonder what the person sitting next to me does for a living?” Have you ever wanted people at your church to know what you do for a living as well?

These are the types of questions the Founder, Cyndee Sparre, thought about while being a part of her local church.  Time and time again, she would overhear conversations while at church where someone was looking for a particular service and wished they had known if there was someone in the church that did it.  Obviously, she spoke up every time she happened to know someone in the church that did it, but she still felt called to develop a more streamlined approach. 
Little did the founder realize that God was raising her up to be a leader in business networking.  She first started business networking in 2018 by participating in her local chamber of commerce and BNI chapter.  After learning the structure behind running a business network group, she then felt led to start her own grassroots business network group, known as The Collective. That experience soon prepared her to launch Christian business networking events throughout her community.

After running Christian Business Networking events throughout 2022 at her church and other various churches, she still felt God calling her to expand her reach.  She envisioned having a Christian business networking website that would bridge the gap.  She saw such value in having a website that would allow business networking professionals to market their business, as well as list churches, bible study groups and Christian events being offered nationwide. Ultimately, the website would be used as a hub to CONNECT people in business and in faith, as ONE CHURCH BODY.

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