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How It Works

Step 1.
Add Your Information

Your starting point is the Join menu button or button below. You can join as a professional member, non profit or add your church, bible study or event.   If you have yet to sign up for our platform, your account creation will occur when you add your profile.
Click Here to Join
Step 2
Select Your Package

If you select Professional or a Non Profit profile you will be directed to a package selection page. You will select the package and then register for an account.

If you are submitting a church, bible study or event you will simply need to register and then submit your information.
Step 3
Complete Your Profile

Once you have registered for an account you will need to submit your profile information. It’s important for your information to be as complete as possible and accurate, to have the best chance of making the right connections on the platform.

Tip: As your needs and interests change, you are able  to easily adjust your profile to match those changes.
Step 4
Profile Submission

For professional and non profit accounts you will be sent to a checkout page. Enter your payment information which is securely sent to and stored by industry-trusted online payment processors.

After a successful checkout, you will receive an email with your order information, and your profile will be submitted to our team for approval. You will receive another email once your profile is approved.

If you are submitting a church, bible study or event you will receive an email once your submission is approved as well.
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