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I help individuals optimize their income protection and build sources of wealth so they can focus on what matters most to them. The strategies we provide result in more predictable outcomes and reduce risk.

My clients come to me when they want to:
✅ ORGANIZE their financial life, allowing them to make better decisions
✅ REDUCE financial stress, letting them enjoy life, not worry about it
✅ PROTECT what’s important to them and their family
✅ BUILD a strategy that reflects their unique values, goals and dreams
✅ ACHIEVE their goals and dreams through personalized, comprehensive guidance
✅ LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST knowing that their strategy will adapt as their life changes

My clients tell me they are concerned about:
❌ How to manage their student loans and other debt
❌ Lack of prioritization in their planning; Where do I start? What do I do first?
❌ Worrying what will happen to their family if something unexpected happens to them
❌ How can I protect my savings against inflation and taxes?

My clients are frequently able to:
⭐ Rest easy knowing their family is properly protected from the ‘what if’s’ in life
⭐ Be at ease knowing their assets and legacy are protected from the probability of increased tax rates in the future
⭐ Spend more time focusing on the things they enjoy and matter the most and less time worrying about their money

I invite you to send me a message here or schedule an introductory call by clicking the hyperlinked text below:

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29800 Telegraph Road, Southfield, Michigan 48034, United States

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248-647-0780, 4218

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  • Jeff and Joy Starr
    October 30, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    I can not say enough good things about Cyndee Sparre. Cyndee is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. Cyndee has insured all of my children and advised a lot of our friends with financial matters. I trust her to do the right thing even when it doesn’t benefit her. She told my son to go with another company for life insurance since it would give him more coverage for less money. When it comes to your financial life or any insurance needs Cyndee is your best bet, we highly recommend

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